Friday, October 27, 2017

October 30th - November 3rd

We just finished chapter 4 in math.  We will start chapter 5, which is on fact families.  This is about how addition and subtraction are related.
*For art, Mrs. Wells would like the students to bring toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll and pine cones if  you can for an art project . She only wants the cardboard roll inside, not the actual toilet paper or paper towels. ThanksJ

Dates to Remember-
October 30th – November 3rd Red Ribbon Week
October 31st Our classroom Halloween party at 12:30
October 31st Halloween parade at 3:00 and parents are welcome. Students may wear costumes to school, but no masks, wigs, or face paints.  They may have colored hair.

Red Ribbon Week-
Monday- pajamas
Tuesday-Halloween costume
Wednesday- sport shirt/jersey
Thursday- crazy hat/ and or crazy hair
Friday- school shirt/school colors

CKLA-   We have learned about the sun, moon, stars, and constellations.  We are now going to learn a little about all the planets.  We were able to have Mr. Pace bring his planetarium to us yesterday.  It was awesomeJ and thank you Mr. Pace and his two college students who helped, for sharing their time and knowledge with our class.  We learned so much!!!
Homework-  Thank you for sending back the homework.  If you happen to forget, just have your child bring it back as soon as possible.  The next homework will be on Monday.
Home Reading-  Please read to and with your child each night for 20 minutes  five times a week.  This will help them recognize letters, sounds, and words while he/she is learning and expanding their reading skills.  October calendar is due the first week of November.

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